It’s that time of year again! Are you missing out? - Lynda Hudson
It’s that time of year again! Are you missing out?

Are your friends off to Greece, South of France, Spain, Thailand?

Are you feeling envious but you just can’t bring yourself to get on a plane? Perhaps convincing yourself that you prefer holidays at home but not necessarily convincing your family and friends!

Do you dread that question ‘Any plans for your holiday this year?’

Not really, not yet, haven’t really thought about it’ you say.

But you have thought about it haven’t you?! In fact you’ve thought of little else. Why am I like this? I know it’s supposed to be the safest form of transport but it doesn’t seem safe to me. Will I have a panic attack and go crazy because I can’t get off? What if I make a fool of myself?

Does the pressure from your partner, family or friends make you feel both guilty and annoyed at the same time?

‘Why can’t they leave me alone?!’ you think. But secretly you do believe that you are letting them down, spoiling their fun, making their lives difficult and of course that makes you feel even worse.

My new audio ‘Flying without fear!’ could be your answer.

Follow this link and have a listen to the short free sample ‘Flying without fear’ before you buy. Only £8.95 for thirty minutes of calming hypnotic suggestions which get stronger and more effective with every listen. When you download it on your phone of course you can also listen on the plane when you listen on Airplane mode.

Not only that but here’s a freebie for the month of July (2019)

Go to the Home Page and click on the ‘free download’ link and you will have access to a thirteen minute audio with a bit of quick hypnotic calming before and during your flight. You will be helped to:

Let go of anxious feelings
Banish scary thoughts
Create a sense of inner calm before & during the flight
Set up a trigger for immediate calm & control

Here’s something you can do for yourself … use your imagination!

Now don’t tell me you are no good at imagining … Actually you have a brilliant imagination. You just use it in the wrong way! I’m convinced that you imagine the plane having engine problems, the pilot having a heart attack, you having a panic attack and making a fool of yourself, you going crazy and trying to get out of the door, and the inevitable plane crash of course … Actually there’s no limit to your imagination! You simply imagine the wrong things.

So how about imagining the right things for a change?

You know anybody can imagine things. When you really imagine for a few minutes every day how it will feel to be confident, feel confident enough to plan your holiday, book it, get on that plane, imagine feeling fine, feeling that you can cope … you can actually find that those patterns you imagined so vividly will make your feelings come true.

You can do it! Just do it!

The fact is that when you imagine yourself feeling really, really calm and confident and you imagine it really, really often, your brain starts up new positive neurological patterns that influence the way you feel and influence the way you behave in your everyday life.

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