Why don’t I have an ‘off the shelf’ audio for children who withhold their poo? - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist
Why don’t I have an ‘off the shelf’ audio for children who withhold their poo?

I’m asked this question very often, and here is the answer…

Although ‘withholding’ is an incredibly common problem, the reasons for it can differ enormously from child to child. And if a child were to listen to a general audio and not find it helpful it could turn out to be another setback. Setbacks can be even worse than the original problem!

Undoubtedly, the best solution is an audio completely tailored to the individual child’s age and needs

Something which is created specifically for the individual child for such a sensitive matter
is far more likely to be successful than something general.

Very little is more personal than poo problems!

What is right for one child may be totally wrong for another.

Generally, I get excellent results because …

I have specialised with this problem for many years now. Each audio I make takes into account the age of the child, their unique personality, their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes, and their favourite pastimes. I discover all of these through the answers to my questionnaires and the conversations I have with their parents.

It is vital for the parents to appreciate

  1. that their child needs to listen regularly to their audio and they may need two or three different audios over a period of a few weeks.
  2. that they follow the advice on the most effective way to support their child.
  3. if the child is younger than 6 years old it’s probably better simply to work via an audio rather than have a face-to-face session.

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