Have CDs had their day?
Have CDs had their day?

For many people the truth is yes, BUT ….

It may surprise you to know how many people still want them!

And because many people do very much still want them, we have created a special page just for CDs to make them easy to find

And, we have a CD sale …

All CDs are on sale for just £5 each! Go here … https://www.firstwayforward.com/product-category/cd-sale/

The titles and descriptions are available here and the number still left in stock is listed for each one

Why do people still want them?

They are very convenient for little children. Many still have CD players and it is easier for them to play the CDs themselves when they go to bed at night

Conversely, many older people are still more comfortable using them

And some people still like having something ‘solid’ they can hold in their hands

Some people think it’s very ‘old fashioned’ to sell CDs

My approach is this … if we still have some and people still want them, who am I to say they shouldn’t have them?!

Some people are so keen on CDs that they actually ask me if I can download an MP3 on to a CD for them

So if you are a CD fan please have a look here while they last!


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