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Very briefly, what is hypnotherapy?

It’s a way of helping people, both adults and children deal with a wide range of issues using the state of gentle hypnosis which can be described as a pleasantly relaxed daydream-like state. You get a sense of being very absorbed in your inner thoughts and feelings and temporarily being rather less aware of unimportant things that are going on around you. In this state you can tap into your creative self to discover solutions to problems and respond to positive suggestions that we have jointly talked about and agreed at the beginning of the session.


Is it like what I see on television or on stage?

Absolutely not! You will probably be reassured to know that, contrary to popular myth, hypnotherapy is not about controlling people! Completely the opposite actually. I help you take control of your thoughts and feelings … to let go of unwanted fears and anxieties for example, and to let go of obsessive thinking and unhelpful habits such as smoking, hair pulling and nail biting. I help you believe in yourself and your ability to deal with all kinds of situations and emotional issues more calmly and confidently in ways that are right for you.

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH)?

In SFH we tend to focus more on what you want rather than on what you don’t want! Of course we spend plenty of time talking about the issue that has brought you to see me … but then we really focus on how you would truly prefer to be thinking, feeling and behaving instead of the current way which hasn’t been working for you.

Read more in FAQ about the ways this might work differently for children and adults.

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