Hypnotherapy for Childhood Anxiety | Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety

Childhood Anxiety comes in many shapes and sizes and underlies many conditions!

Childhood Anxiety is on the rise!

Unfortunately, at a time in their lives when we feel children should be carefree it seems that they feel under more pressure than ever before! Where does this pressure come from?

Tests and exams at earlier and earlier ages, face-to-face and social media bullying, family break-ups, lack of quality sleep,  childhood fears & phobias, inappropriate and  unsupervised TV and on-line viewing  to name but a few causes!


Lynda Hudson

Let your worries fly away sample

Luckily we have answers for you that can be a tremendous help for anxious children. If the anxieties and fears are very strong probably a face to face session is the most effective since everything is tailored to the individual child or young person.

Nevertheless, I always advise trying one of our published MP3s or CDs first. Thousands of children all over the English speaking world have overcome their anxiety through regular bedtime listening to the appropriate track for their particular issue. I’ve never even met them but the audio has done the trick!

If they need further individual help they will still have gained benefit from the audio. They will have become accustomed to the voice and to the type of imaginative activity I might ask them to do in the treatment session. And it will almost certainly have begun the process of positive change and this will reduce the number of sessions required.

There is a lot of anxiety around sleeping too … or rather NOT sleeping! Children are afraid of the dark, monsters, household sounds, being the only one left awake, possible intruders, being parted from their Mum or Dad (Separation anxiety) … so many fears can be relieved through gentle hypnotherapy and it is well worth trying the audio first because this on its own has been amazingly helpful to countless children everywhere.

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