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“Lynda, your books are my two best friends”
Clarissa Woodcock, International Hypnotherapist & Trainer

“Thank you for writing this book Lynda. You are my Guru!”
Julie Hill Solution-focused Clinical Hypnotherapist

“The hypnosis scripts are a joy to read … I cannot praise the book too much” Rubin Battino, Author of Ericksonian Approaches, Metaphoria, Coping, Expectation and Guided Imagery

“Robots, fairies, treasure hunts and spaceships … a wonderful resource for working with children.”
Linda Thomson, Author of Harry the Hpno-potamus vols 1 & 2

” …a wealth of useful advice, guidance and information when dealing with children”
John Hempstead, Former chairman British Society Clinical Hypnosis

“…a book for every hypnotherapist’s library, especially those who work with children”
Gil Boyne, Executive Director American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

hypnosis scripts

“…deliciously broad in scope… a phenomenal teaching tool with in-depth information and explanations written with great clarity”
Katherine Zimmerman, Author of ‘Hypnotherapy Scripts’ Vol.11

“It really is a cornucopia of sheer excellence… One of those books you just can’t put down” David Slater, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

“Her ‘soothing liquid calm’ for IBS is masterful… Her hypnotic phrases are so excellent that they would likely be praised by Erickson himself!” Roy Hunter, Author of many acclaimed hypnotherapy books

“Her expertise and exceptional imaginative flair are displayed throughout the scripts. The clarity, creativity and practicality ensure it’s a must for all hypnotherapists”
Bernadette Rizzo Vice President of Australian Hypnotherapists Association

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