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Manage your dyslexia


Manage your dyslexia – Organise your thinking and learning

Ages 11-16

Length: Track 1 25 minutes Track 2 22 minutes

  • Enjoy relaxing and breathing away doubts and worries
  • Discover a’ room in their mind’ with their beliefs and opinions
  • Scrub off mistaken messages from the walls
  • Receive positive messages and write them on the walls
  • Paint walls the colour of confidence
  • Imagine themselves learning new things easily and confidently


Dyslexia often causes children to feel a lack of confidence and lack of self-esteem that holds them back in both learning and social situations. Why not let your 10-16 year old dyslexic (or Dyspraxic) child try this gentle & relaxing, twin track self-help hypnotherapy recording? It helps them believe in themselves and feel more calm and confident about their abilities.
In Track 1 they imagine a ‘mental room’ with negative opinions and self-doubt which they scrub off the walls. Then they paint powerful, self-esteem boosting suggestions on to the walls in confident-coloured paint. With these new empowering positive beliefs they visualise the difference it makes to their lives.
Track 2 gives specific suggestions for listening, focus, organisation of thinking, planning and getting down to work, various study and spelling strategies and for managing their time. All of this is done within a pleasantly relaxing framework.

The recording uses state of the art technology and comes both in MP3 and CD format. Regular listening is the key to success!

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