Specific fears and phobias and yet more anxieties!

We say that a person has a phobia when the degree of fear is way out of proportion to the actual danger posed by a situation or object. People will consistently avoid the feared object or situation at all costs and are likely to have a panic attack if they have to confront them. Familiar ones could be injections, spiders, snakes, flying, blood, clowns (in children). Less familiar ones that I’ve treated include buttons, clothes labels, faeces, germs and the wind and there are many more.

Phobias and extreme fears are almost always best treated in person as the techniques used to treat them are dynamic and interactive and more difficult to reproduce on an audio. The good news is that usually these phobias respond very well to hypnotherapy and disappear or greatly diminish.

Lynda Hudson

Beat driving test nerves sample

Performance anxiety is another very common problem and is no respecter of position. I regularly treat people from all walks of life. The fear is as strong whether it’s speaking in a meeting of three or four people, addressing a jury or presenting to a vast audience at a conference. Fears of blushing, stammering, forgetting words, shaking hands and feet affect them all. It comes down to a fear of being judged and found wanting. Wedding speeches, driving tests, teaching observation can cause loss of sleep and sheer terror and yet often can be surprisingly enjoyable after some hypnotherapy. Public speaking is always in the top three in polls of most feared events both in the UK and the US!

Social anxiety too is far more common than you might think and can dominate people’s lives stopping them from socialising, interacting in person or on the telephone at work, having personal relationships, going for interviews. You name it, they don’t do it through paralysing fear. This too often arises from a feeling of being judged and found inadequate. Hypnotherapy treatment is often successful where other therapies have not helped. If you are suffering but also feeling reticent about a face-to-face meeting, try my latest download Relieve social anxiety

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