Flying without fear - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist

Flying without fear


Adults & Teenagers – Length: 30 mins

  • MP3 Format only
  • Relax comfortably and calmly as you let go of old anxieties about flying
  • Be talked through the sounds and sensations of normal flying
  • Link these sounds and sensations with feelings of confidence
  • Feel safe and reassured through powerful hypnotic suggestion
  • Understand at a deep inner level that flying is a routine form of transport that happens every minute of every day all round the world and has an amazing safety record
  • Take everything in your stride and enjoy your journey
  • Regular listening is the key to success!


Do you want to overcome your fear of flying? Listen to this self-help download for adults and teenagers and absorb powerful hypnotic suggestions for inner calm and confidence on a plane! Relaxing comfortably and calmly, you are guided through the normal routines, sensations and sounds of flying which are linked with feelings of calm and control. You learn to associate these inner feelings of calm with the chimes on the plane so when you hear them on the aircraft itself the calm feelings are automatically triggered. Finally, you are guided through a visualisation of yourself thinking, feeling and handling things on the flight altogether more calmly, confidently and effectively than ever before. Listen to this audio (ideally daily) for 2-3 weeks leading up to a flight to make the suggestions a very real part of you. You can also listen on the aircraft itself for extra reassurance.

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