Online Hypnosis scripts for sale by Lynda, First Way Forward

Often we don’t need a whole book with a lot of topics …what we need is a single script on a very specific topic and we need it right now! So, in answer to many requests, we are launching a range of individual hypnotherapy scripts suitable for different age groups from young kids all the way up to adults.

I will be adding to these scripts regularly so please come back and check again if you are looking for something specific. Suggestions for new topics are always welcome. Notes to the therapist are included in the margin and may take the form of explanation, advice or clarification. People who have my book ‘More Scripts and Strategies’, the mauve one for adults, will recognize the format.

Suggested age ranges are a guide and are not written in stone … we all know that chronological age is not an absolute guide of maturity. Certain issues are quite complex so bear in mind that just one script or session may not be a complete answer to the problem (although sometimes you may find that it is!).

Some scripts are based on the audios that are in the on-line shop so they have the same name even though they are not exactly identical in content. Purchase of a script will assume that you have read and accept the terms and conditions of use.

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