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What are the differences between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Essentially Hypnosis is the state of being completely mentally engaged in an idea, topic or goal to the exclusion of almost everything else that is going on around you. It’s rather like a focused day-dream where you are particularly receptive to positive suggestion. During the hypnosis you may feel deeply relaxed or you may feel very alert and focused; both responses are absolutely fine.

Hypnotherapy is the therapy that is carried out while a client or patient‘s mind is in this fully focused state of the imagination.

Tell me more about Hypnotherapy? How does it work?

Very simply put, Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy where you discuss your problems with your hypnotherapist … in this case with me. We talk about the difficulties you are experiencing and how this impacts negatively on your life. Together we discuss and agree the changes you want to make so that you can deal with your life in a way that suits you much better.

As part of the session there will be what is often called ’Change work’. I will normally guide you into a deeply relaxed state of hypnosis and incorporate all the relevant positive suggestions arising from our discussion. I lead you through a heightened, imaginative experience where it seems that what you want is already happening and you see, hear and feel all the benefits of the change.

It is important to say however that Hypnosis is NOT always about deep relaxation; sometimes the ideal hypnotic state for ‘Change Work’ is where you are much more alert and highly focussed. I will select and adapt my approach to what is going to be most suitable and effective for you. The important element is that you have been guided into the focused day-dream where you are particularly receptive to the positive suggestions that have been jointly discussed and agreed earlier in the session.

What types of things might I be visualising in this hypnotic state?

You could be visualising yourself letting go of unwanted anxiety and consequently dealing with life in a far more calm, confident and composed way.

You might be getting on a plane enjoying the prospect of your holiday instead of panicking that the plane is going to crash!

Maybe feeling the relief of becoming a healthier and wealthier non-smoker much to your delight (and also to the delight of your partner and your children).

Perhaps, keeping cool and confident while actually enjoying giving a presentation. The list is seemingly endless!

Getting on a train for fifteen minutes without worrying at all whether there is a toilet available

What is my personal approach?

In general I love using a Solution Focused Approach. While I never lose sight of the cause of a difficulty, I encourage our joint focus to be on how you, my client can make changes to old problematic ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. I want to help you modify or let go completely those old unhelpful patterns and help you to discover and take on thoughts, feelings, behaviours that will work far more appropriately for you.

What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?

Probably the biggest benefit, generally speaking, is the achievement of whatever change you want to make in an easier, speedier and more natural and comfortable way than through many other talking therapies.

Of course some people are more receptive to the process than others. Sometimes simply viewing an answer to a problem in an altered state of awareness through Hypnosis allows them to make major changes far more quickly than ever they could have dreamed of! My personal view is that Hypnotherapy is the best therapy I know for calming anxiety, stress and specific fears and, in so doing, increasing calm, confidence and control in so many aspects of life!

How do I know if I can be hypnotised?

The vast majority of people can be hypnotised if they want to be but I wouldn’t want to hypnotise someone who didn’t want to be!

The best way is to try it!

Another thing you could do is to listen to one of my MP3s in my online shop to get an idea of what an experience of light hypnosis is like. https://www.firstwayforward.com/shop/

What types of therapy do you offer?

I offer hypnotherapy usually with a Solution Focused Approach (See above What is my personal approach?).
However, when appropriate, I can also incorporate other approaches. Essentially I use the appropriate approach for the person I am treating

I am also trained in the following:

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and I make a lot of use of this in my therapy.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and I may incorporate some of the ideas from that

Mindfulness. I have a series of MP3s based on Mindfulness and which are enhanced with hypnotic suggestion. See here https://www.firstwayforward.com/product-category/mindfulness-meditations/

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Eye movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) which is particularly useful in the case of Trauma (useful but not essential).

I offer Hypnotherapy both with adults and children.

I specialise in working with children and I am author of the widely used book for hypnotherapists called ‘Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children’ and I also offer training for working with children through my webinars.  https://www.firstwayforward.com/hypnotherapy-training/

How many sessions will I need?

I am often asked this question but it is almost impossible to answer as it will depend on the type, severity, cause and on-going length of problem. In addition it depends on the individual person in terms of their receptivity to hypnosis (the vast majority of people are receptive) and on their keenness to make a change. It’s a bit of a ‘How long is a piece of string?’ question!

Generally however I would see people between one and three times but occasionally more.

Importantly, I make a tailor-made MP3 for my clients for on-going support at home and this helps to cut down the number of appointments required

How long is a therapy session?

Typically I allow an hour and a half for the session but young children may not need as long. Nevertheless if I make a young child a tailor made MP3 after rather than during the session that takes quite a bit longer.

What is your consultation rate?

The fee is £150 and this includes the provision of a tailor-made MP3 for ongoing listening and support at home. This MP3 is considered to be a part of the treatment and not just an ‘add-on extra’! Regular listening gives support and so should reduce the number of face-to-face sessions required.

How do I choose the best Hypnosis MP3 for me?

Go to the online shop on the menu and you will find different ways to search for what you want.
Look at the charcoal strip on the left and you will see that you can search by category, topic, age group, or you can search through all the different titles in alphabetical order if you want to get a completely comprehensive idea of what is available!

Can I listen to a sample before I purchase?

Yes, each title has its own page where you can click on the two or three minute sample to give you an idea of content and style. There is also a description of the content for you to read.

Are the audios available as CDs?

We are phasing out the CD option but some of them are still available. Check on the individual title.
If you are really desperate to have CD format and it doesn’t seem to be available, contact me here and I can download a title onto CD for you.

Do I have to use headphones when listening to the hypnosis audio recordings?

You certainly don’t have to do so but as they are (nearly all) stereo recordings it will give you the best experience if you do.

Do I have to listen to your hypnotherapy recordings at night?

No you don’t have to but if it is about sleeping then that is the very best time to listen. Or if you wanted to have a daytime nap you could also do it then.
Otherwise you can listen day or night as you choose.

Can I play the hypnosis recording downloads in a moving vehicle?

No, please NEVER do this!
Even if the audio is very ‘light’ and for your child, there is a hypnotic element to it and it can distract you and take your attention away from the road.

If it is for the non-driver of course they can listen but only if they have earphones.
In the same way please don’t listen if you are operating any kind of machinery or doing anything that requires your full attention.

Can I listen to hypnosis recordings while I jog or do housework?

They are written and recorded with the intention of your finding a quiet place where you can relax as you listen.
You don’t have to be alone if you listen with headphones but it is better not to be interrupted. Many people listen on a train for example but if you do this, check the timing before you start … I don’t want you to become so involved with it that you miss your stop!!

Where is the best place to listen to hypnosis mp3s?

Ideally in a quiet, peaceful place where you can relax and you won’t be disturbed. Bedtime is great so you can drift off to sleep at the end if you want to. But we don’t always have an ideal time and place to listen so to an extent do what is suitable for you. It also depends on the content of course … if it entails relaxing and drifting off to sleep, your bed is the best bet!

If it’s about giving a presentation in half an hour, at your desk may be the best place!

If I purchase several of your hypnosis recordings with different objectives, how do I use those for the best results?

This depends on the content to a large degree. If the content is related, for example, letting go of anxiety and sleeping more easily and calmly you could listen on the same day or the following day. There is nothing to stop you listening to the release anxiety one first and one of the sleeping ones afterwards if you wanted to and you are in bed.
If the issues are totally different it is probably better to separate them out. For example I wouldn’t listen to Stop smoking and Stop biting your nails at the same time. I would be more inclined to let my mind concentrate on one issue at a time. In other words maybe use Stop smoking first and only once that is well established  think about using Stop biting your nails.

How quickly will I see results after I start using hypnosis mp3s?

This is another of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ questions.
It can depend on how motivated you are, how serious you are about listening often and regularly (the more you listen, the better the result) and listening in a suitably quiet place without interruption. It also can depend on your individual hypnotic receptivity.

Generally speaking people do find positive results really quite quickly, and sometimes immediately, but the audios have been written and recorded with regular and frequent listening in mind for on-going support and reinforcement. With various habit control issues it is definitely regular listening which will bring best results.

What should I do if someone interrupts my hypnosis session?

Obviously it is best to arrange things so that you can have some private time to yourself. I suggest you turn your phone off or just ignore it and don’t answer it.

You can let people in your home know that you don’t want to be disturbed for twenty minutes or so. In some cases you could choose just not answer them if they interrupt you and hope they go away! But of course they may not always be that considerate!!

And obviously if it is urgent, you would just open your eyes and deal with the situation. Probably better to take the option of going back to the beginning and starting again afterwards. It might depend on how long your interruption was.

At most it would be like having someone disturb you when you were dozing. There can be no possible harm from being interrupted.

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