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Bullying is a major problem in schools and can be the cause of severe anxiety and depression

Bullying seems to have reached massive proportions if what I see in my consulting room is representative of the problem as a whole.
Schools are so big now that, despite the school having a bulling policy in place, bullying often goes undetected and the children themselves are too scared to report it. It can even be at the root of school refusal.

The horrifying bullying on Social Media means that young people are unable to escape it even at home. They seem to find it impossible not to look at it despite all best advice, so anxiety and depression set in, together with a great dip in self-esteem.

Lynda Hudson

Cope with verbal bullying sample

The audios for different age groups go some way to helping children and teenagers develop self-protection mechanisms from abusive remarks and to restoring a positive sense of self-worth.

They help build resilience and give a boost to self-esteem which can plummet when a person is constantly subjected to bullying.

If the bullying is really serious, one-to-one sessions will be more effective together, of course, with the parents’ taking the appropriate steps at the school.

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