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A collection of brand new general scripts from Lynda Hudson, author of Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children

“Lynda Hudson’s latest book, More Scripts and Strategies, is deliciously broad in scope, covering a wide range of topics. It is a phenomenal teaching tool with in-depth information and explanations and is written with great clarity. As a hypnotherapy instructor, I especially appreciate the suggestion boxes of variations, adaptations and recommendations. They provide additional teaching for both the novice and the established hypnotherapist. A highly recommended, well-written book of scripts!”

Katherine Zimmerman, author, Hypnotherapy Scripts, Vol. II

“Here is a book that the whole of our profession has been waiting for. I feel it is a book that we cannot afford to be without as it inspires confidence, delivers the best of material and is written by someone who really understands us, the therapists ,what we need and how we tick, as well as having the deepest interests of the clients at heart

It really is a cornucopia of sheer excellence”

David Slater BA, DHyp, MHA(RegHyp), MASC, DCS, MGSCT Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

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