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Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children


What is it about?

It offers an easy to follow solution-focused approach to treating young people and a collection of lightly hypnotic scripts for children aged five to fifteen. It also contains advice and background information, including contra-indications and possible pitfalls, on common and not-so-common childhood problems. Issues include self-esteem, confidence, bedwetting, soiling, the effects of bullying, behaviour problems, school issues such as lack of organisational skills, study skills, exam strategies using accelerated learning skills, overcoming general anxiety in relation to exams and school phobia


At last, the book our profession has been waiting for, one those of us who know Lynda Hudson have been encouraging her to write for a long time. Lynda is the acknowledged expert on the use of hypnotherapy with children and her many years of experience are shared and reflected in the information, protocols, and creative and inventive scripts contained within this volume. Although aimed at the hypnotherapist, the broad spectrum of Lynda’s work found herein will be of immense value to therapists of all disciplines, providing ideas, encouragement and that often sought after source of sensible advice. Although it may seem a cliché to say, Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children really is an essential addition to any therapist’s library.

Peter Mabbutt FBSCH,
Director of Studies for the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, co-author of Hypnotherapy for Dummies

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