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Mindfulness meditation enhanced with positive suggestions

What is mindfulness?

It is a type of meditation that helps you calm your thoughts, quieten your mind and develop a change of perspective. You relax deeply, learn to pause for a while and notice and acknowledge unwanted, unhelpful thoughts and feelings, and then simply let them go with your breathing

Regular mindfulness meditation helps you:

  • let go of stress, strain and frenetic whirring of the mind
  • achieve more objectivity and balance
  • find a sense of calm and peace within yourself
  • discover what is genuinely important in your life
Lynda Hudson

Relieve anxiety the mindfulness way sample

Is it widely used?

Research bears out the value of regular mindfulness practice and it is becoming popular in all walks of life, including business, schools, media, government and the legal profession. It is widely championed by psychologists and therapists for reducing stress and promoting peaceful sleep

What is in my Mindfulness Collection?

  • Relieve anxiety the mindfulness way helps you let go of worrying, anxious thoughts and find more peace of mind
  • Overcome panic attack the mindfulness way helps you stop reacting to false fight or flight triggers and stay grounded in the present moment
  • Peaceful sleep the mindfulness way helps you find an inner calm that allows more peaceful sleep
  • Switch off the mindfulness way helps you make a choice when to pay attention to particular thoughts and when to take a break from them … for example when you leave work!
  • Let go of obsessive thoughts the mindfulness way (dual track) helps you deal with anxious, obsessive thoughts and feelings so you get more objectivity and balance in your life
  • Forgive yourself and let go of unhelpful guilt the mindfulness way You learn to forgive yourself and let go of old, damaging lingering guilty feelings

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