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Revise and remember


Students (12 yrs+) and adults   

Length: Track One 16 mins; Track Two 16 mins;
Track Three 15 mins; Track Four 15 mins

Four short tracks help you with different aspects of studying and help motivate you to get down to it

Accelerated learning techniques help you learn and remember the easy way

  • Make the most of your learning potential
  • Improve concentration skills and absorb information more easily
  • Absorb advice on study skills
  • Feel calm and confident about revision
  • Increase motivation to ‘get down to it’
  • Revise and retain information
  • Develop a clear and alert focus
  • Retrieve information from your memory when you need it

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In these four tracks former teacher, Lynda combines her experience of education and therapy to show you how to develop a deep inner focus and use your brain to its full potential. In a relaxed and open-minded state, you learn about accelerated learning techniques which can help you revise more easily and remember what you have learned more effectively. You are also given long lasting and powerful suggestions for calm and alert focus as you study, for increased motivation and to store relevant information and retrieve it from your memory at a later date. You are guided to visualise yourself confidently carrying out the positive suggestions and getting down to your work. This recording is aimed at students over twelve years old and also adults who are involved in formal learning.

The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success!

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