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Nocturnal enuresis is the medical term but most of people think of it as ‘wetting the bed’! Whatever you call it, it can be a very distressing problem when it continues as a child gets older.

Children, and particularly teenagers, find it embarrassing and go to great lengths to hide it and live in fear that their peers will find out their ‘guilty secret’. They feel ‘babyish’ and ashamed even though it is certainly not their fault. They miss out on sleepovers and school trips and their self-esteem can plummet.

Lynda Hudson

I’m dry at night new edition

A medical check is important

To rule out physical causes such as urinary, kidney infections and, in the case of sudden onset, possible childhood diabetes amongst other things. (Don’t get too worried about this as it is not normally the case but it is definitely worth checking out.)

When can Hypnotherapy help?

It can help where the problem is related to habit, anxiety or negative expectations of wetting the bed … all very likely when they’ve been wetting the bed for years.

Hypnotherapy is natural, safe and drug free. I’ve been helping young people with this problem every week for twenty years and in general get very positive results. Many of these children have been through the enuresis clinic system and used alarms to no avail!

Please check out my blogs where I talk about the most likely causes, conventional treatments and practical tips too.

Self-hypnosis recordings

In the first instance I suggest regular listening for several weeks to one of the following downloads available from the online shop: I’m dry at night from about 5 years to 9 years and Control your bladder from around 9 or 10 years to about 15 or 16 years.

Often, particularly if your child has some dry nights already, this may be enough but if your child needs more help, then consider one-to-one appointments.

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