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Let Go of anxiety REVISED EDITION


Ages 10-15 Length: 20 mins

  • Provides soothing, calming help for older children and teenagers
  • Relax comfortably and deeply
  • Imagine sea shore at water’s edge
  • Release anxious feelings into water
  • Accept powerful suggestions for calm
  • Become calm, confident and in control
  • Visualize living daily life with calm and ease
  • Feel happy and confident


Does your 10-15 year old have a tendency to be overly worried and anxious? If so, listening regularly at bedtime, or other quiet time, to this CD / download could really help. As children are shown how to relax comfortably and calmly, they are helped to release their fears and anxiety. Drifting off to an imaginary sea shore, they find a way to let tension and worry drain out of their minds and body into the gentle surf beneath their feet. Then, settling into a hammock they use their breathing to let go of yet more tension and breathe in feelings of calm and confidence. They are encouraged to find or construct an inner part of them that does know how to feel safe, calm and confident and then visualize themselves much more able to cope calmly with their everyday life.

The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success!

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