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Sleep and anxiety

Sleep and anxiety is a typical ‘chicken and egg’ problem. People can’t sleep because they are lying awake worrying about something. They don’t get enough sleep so they are very tired which makes the anxiety worse and then when they go to bed they worry that they aren’t going to go to sleep and the whole thing spirals out of control! When this continues for a while the result may be resorting to medication which, if taken more than occasionally, can turn into either mild or severe addiction so that it becomes difficult to break the habit.

Lynda Hudson

Peaceful sleep the mindfulness way sample

There are some very simple steps you can take to improve sleep patterns. Mostly we know what these are because articles are regularly available in magazines and blogs, including mine so I will just mention the three most important things to AVOID

  • Avoid working too late in the evening or your brain will be too active
  • Avoid using laptops, iPads, or other electronic devices too late in the evening
  • Avoid ‘difficult’ discussions before bedtime or your brain will rework them at night

Hypnotherapy is really helpful because it can help you relax and release physical tension, release mental tension and release stored anxiety. It can teach you ways to let go of worrying thoughts and cope better under pressure. You will also find yourself very receptive to hypnotic suggestions that help you both drift off to sleep and go back to sleep if you should wake during the night.

Personally, if I have something on my mind and have difficulty getting off to sleep from time to time I listen to Peaceful sleep the mindfulness way and I very rarely hear the end of it! If you want to find out a bit more about Mindfulness, please see the Mindfulness page

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