Learn to Say NO Without Feeling Guilty - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist

Learn to Say NO Without Feeling Guilty


Adults – Length: 24 minutes

  • MP3 Format only
  • Relax and enjoy drifting into the hypnotic state
  • Recognise your own worth and your right to your own needs & wishes
  • Understand you deserve self-respect
  • Stop putting yourself last
  • Find ‘your own inner NO’
  • Mentally rehearse saying NO when the occasion requires it
  • Enjoy your new-found confidence


Enjoy comfort and relaxation as you learn to understand that you deserve self-respect and respect from others. Enjoy the process of discarding old, outdated and frankly false beliefs about needing to put others first all of the time. This is YOUR TIME to respect your own right to opinions, needs and wishes of your own. Find your ‘inner NO’ and learn to enjoy expressing it in appropriate situations. Mentally rehearse this in appropriate situations in your own life.

This recording uses state of the art technology and can be used with and without headphones. Regular daytime or bedtime listening is the key to success!
This SUCCESSFUL APPROACH is based on natural, safe, sound hypnotherapy principles: act out each positive step in the imagination and dramatically increase the chance of success in the real world. Lynda’s gentle, English voice calms, re-assures as she gives suggestions for boosting confidence and self-esteem. As a former teacher and clinical hypnotherapist of many years standing, she has helped thousands of people world-wide through her audios. She has featured in the press, TV and radio and is author of two widely acclaimed books on hypnotherapy with children and adults.

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