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I’m dry at night


Ages 6-9 Length: 19 mins

  • Imagine locking up bladder with big, strong key
  • Muscles keep bladder firmly closed
  • Wake up if need to use bathroom
  • Wake to a comfy, warm, dry bed in morning
  • Increase self-esteem, confidence and self-belief
  • Regular listening is the key to success!

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Is your child still experiencing the misery of wetting the bed? There are many reasons for bed wetting so check out with your medical practitioner that there is no underlying medical cause. If there is not, this gentle, relaxing CD / Download for children aged about 6-9 years could be your answer, as it has been for so many others! The recording boosts CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM and helps to change their negative beliefs and expectations of failure. The child receives powerful suggestions that they CAN TAKE CONTROL even when asleep! Children relax comfortably and vividly imagine locking up their bladder with a big colourful key. They stand a sentry on guard to WAKE THEM UP IF THEY NEED THE BATHROOM, otherwise THE BLADDER CAN STRETCH AND STAY SHUT TILL MORNING.


The recording uses state of the art technology

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