I love going to the dentist


Ages 4-7 Length: 21 mins

  • Paint away fears
  • Feel brave, happy and safe
  • Imagine self, laughing & relaxed at dentist
  • Wide open mouth and feeling proud
  • Dentist admires sparkling white teeth
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Is your VERY YOUNG CHILD NERVOUS OF THE DENTIST? If so, this self-help gentle, relaxing, imaginative CD / Download for regular quiet time or bedtime-listening for children ABOUT 4-7 YEARS could be your answer. With regular listening they are helped to get used to the idea of VISITING THE DENTIST FEELING HAPPY, CALM AND CONFIDENT. The engaging story takes them off to a magic garden where they PAINT AWAY FEARS and touch the colourful, magic flowers to FEEL HAPPY AND BRAVE. Then they look in the pond and see their reflection; they are sitting in the dentist’s chair, riding up and down on the seat, looking at some little silver instruments and opening their mouth wide so the dentist can count and admire their teeth.

The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success!

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