Banish Interview Nerves
Be calm and confident


Help for people in a hurry!
‘Instant Hypnosis Help’ series
Length: 14 mins

  • MP3 Format only
  • Suggestions on how to prepare for an interview
  • Relax deeply and achieve a pleasant and receptive hypnotic state
  • Let go of nerves & negative thinking
  • Absorb suggestions for being cool, calm, collected, composed and confident
  • Set up an instant, powerful confidence trigger associated with the word interview
  • Build your belief in you and your positive interview skills


This INSTANT HYPNOSIS HELP recording is ideal to listen to when you are preparing for an interview as it not only deals with the aspect of nervousness itself, it helps you prepare practically beforehand so that you feel adequately prepared for questions both to ask and to answer.

You will relax into a very pleasant and receptive hypnotic state where you can let go of old, unwanted anxious feelings and learn to believe in yourself. Regular listening to this audio increases your ability to come across in an assured but not boastful way. You absorb suggestions for presenting yourself as cool, calm, collected, composed and confident because this is how you will feel inside.

Play the recording at a quiet time where you won’t be disturbed and never listen while driving or when you need to concentrate on something else. Simply relax and focus on the voice to derive full benefit from the hypnotic recording. Lynda’s gentle, well-modulated voice calms, re-assures and encourages and sets up a positive association with the word interview.

Good also to use it just before the interview for a quick burst of calm and confidence

The recording uses state of the art technology.