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Rest and sleep


Ages 8 years plus, including adults | Length: 22 mins

  • MP3 Format only
  • Enjoy relaxing easily
  • Feel calm and reassured
  • Paint away worrying thoughts into a passing cloud
  • Be reassured about normal night time sounds
  • Feel safe and peaceful as they drift off to sleep


Does your child find it difficult to get to sleep? This gentle, relaxing CD / Download for kids about 8 years and over, (and even adults too) can be really helpful and calming. Children relax comfortably, imagining breathing in the colour of calm and breathing out worrying thoughts or feelings. Using an imaginary paintbrush or gold glitter pen, they paint or write down any worries on to a sheet of white paper and then fold it up over and over and squeeze it into a matchbox. Everyday household sounds such as gurgling radiators or creaking stairs are reframed with a safe twist and they are encouraged to FEEL PEACEFUL AND AT EASE.

This recording uses state of the art technology with layered voices panning from left to right and is particularly effective when you listen on headphones. Regular listening is the key to success!

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