Am I ‘shooting myself in the foot’ as some gurus tell me? - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist
Am I ‘shooting myself in the foot’ as some gurus tell me?

When prospective clients call me to see if I can help their very young child … maybe three or four years old … I usually advise them NOT to think about a more costly one-to-one session option but to buy one of my inexpensive published audios specially written and recorded for that age group and see how their child responds to that.

Some marketing ‘gurus’ cannot believe why I would do this!

They ask me why I turn down the greater fee for a session for the small price of a short audio!  There are several answers to this.

  • The first is that I’m in the business of genuinely helping people not just trying to make money out of them.
  • Secondly, a really young child can’t be expected to concentrate for longer than about ten minutes in a one-to-one situation whereas they may happily listen to one of my ‘bedtime story audios’ ** (See below) for fifteen or twenty minutes as they drift off to sleep.
  • Thirdly, the child is very likely to get an excellent result simply through regular listening to the audio if the problem is, as it often is, about feeling anxious and /or not sleeping very well.
  • Fourthly, the audios take the form of very soothing stories that children enjoy listening to. While they listen, they are absorbing the positive suggestions to let go of worries and scary thoughts, for example, which are contained within the skilful wording (although I say it myself so modestly!) on the audio.
  • And fifthly, from a marketing point of view, each time someone has success through one of my audios they are likely to tell somebody else and my ‘effective audio reputation’ spreads!

** My ‘bedtime story audios for children’

These published ‘bedtime stories’ are available on my online shop here and you can search for the right one for your child (or yourself come to that!)

There are audios to help them sleep or to feel relaxed and calm or to feel confident or control tantrums whichever is relevant to them.  You will find all kinds of different topics and they all have gentle positive messages within that are accepted by your child with ease.

Look at the charcoal strip on the left side of the page. Here you can search by issue … sleep problems, tantrums or anxiety for example.

Or, lower down the charcoal strip, you can search by different age groups. Ages begin from as young as 3 years old and go up to fully grown adults who are more into self-hypnosis and mindfulness-style meditation style than bedtime stories!

But there is another brilliant option for very young children with particular problems

There can be a very useful option of having a completely personalised audio which is tailor-made to their individual needs and can get excellent results. The child listens to this ideally at night as a bedtime story and absorbs the positive suggestions to bring about the very much needed change.

Look out for my next blog when I tell you more about this option which can be brilliant for helping very little children drift happily off to sleep as they listen to their very own story. They find themselves becoming part of the story where their favourite character … perhaps from ‘Frozen’ … or perhaps their favourite footballer … comes to help them sort out their worries or their problem whatever it might be. Find out more about this on my next blog!


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