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Fears, Phobias and Anxiety definitely share the same underlying relationship of fear and worry but vary to an extent in how they are experienced.


Fears, Phobias and Anxiety

Fears, Phobias and AnxietyYou could say that fear on a plane for example includes a very deep physical feeling of terror when there is turbulence … trembling and shaking occurs and these feelings are often experienced in the gut.  It can be so strong that sometimes it almost paralyses the person in the grip of the fear!

But also weeks beforehand they can experience severe anxiety simply through thinking about flying!  Their sleep may be disturbed and they can get more and more worked up through imagining worst case scenarios beforehand. Sometimes they spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about how they will cope with the upcoming flight. This of course feeds the fear!

With fear, the heart rate increases

With fear the heart rate increases, we breathe faster, and our senses become heightened. Blood flows away from the heart and digestive system and into our legs giving a stronger and faster ability to run away to escape the perceived danger. danger at hand. It is a very physical response and can be very useful if there is a genuine need to get away!

The difficulty with flying of course is that once your journey has started you can’t get away!! And this thought adds to the fear.

Flying without Fear

My hypnotic audio Flying without Fear gives you 30 minutes of calm … and it can be very helpful to listen to it every day (or better still every night) for three or four weeks before the flight. And not only do you experience the calm while you’re listening you are training yourself to feel far more calm when you are actually on the plane!

These days of course it’s very easy to download an audio on to your phone and put it on to airplane mode and listen to the calming words actually on the journey. Listening to it really helps you cope relatively calmly during turbulence on the plane!

Another audio called Beat Fear of Flying is only 13 minutes and useful when you are short of time!

Click here and have a look, read the descriptions and have a listen to a sample of fears and phobias.

A phobia

A Phobia is a response of terror, rather than fear, to something that is not really a genuine threat that could be dangerous. This is why phobias are sometimes called irrational fears. For example, a phobia of crowds, or the opposite … a phobia of open spaces.  The response can be so intense it may interfere with your ability to function or perform in some cases. Some people are afraid to leave their houses. Spider phobias in countries such as the UK where they are not poisonous, are very  common but not in themselves dangerous.

Phobias are definitely best being treated individually

Phobias are definitely best being treated individually so I don’t have any phobia audios although when I see people in person I always make them a follow up personal audio which reinforces the work we have done in the session.

Anxiety is one of the chief reasons for people seeking my help!

They can do this in very different ways. They can simply buy one of my many audios and relax and listen wherever they are.

They can come in person if they live near, or have an appointment on zoom if they are far away … I see people from all over the world which sometimes means juggling the different time zones.

Anxiety is more about the worries in your head

Sometimes it’s just more convenient for people to have a zoom appointment without spending time getting here even if they aren’t really that far away!

It’s said that anxiety is more about the worries in your head rather than the severe fear response in your body but there is no doubt that some people definitely do get anxious feelings in their body too!

Anxiety can vary in the strength of the worry and the concern and also the length of time it is experienced.

So, if you are you experiencing fear or anxiety reactions, click here and have a look, read the descriptions and have a listen to a sample of anxiety and stress.

Are you looking for an audio to help your child?

I have created for all sorts of audios for sale for different ages and different triggers of anxiety. There are brilliant ones for your children too, suitable for lots of different age groups and different causes.





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