Do you wish your young child would sleep like this? - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist
Do you wish your young child would sleep like this?

Have you ‘tried everything’ with no success?

I am overwhelmed with mails from parents telling me that ‘they’ve tried everything’ and nothing works! When I ask them if they have already tried my children’s audios to relieve anxiety or encourage sleep they usually say No and that I am their last resort!

If only my sleep meditations could be their first resort!

They could probably find their answer with far less stress and heartache than they thought possible. My calming and sleep meditations for children can work wonders at very little cost. They come in the form of calming bedtime stories and when the child listens in bed at bed-time they will more than likely drift off to trouble-free sleep by the end. The audios are available for a whole variety of age groups.

See here for 3-5 years

See here for 6-9years

Anxiety of some kind is almost always a factor

So it is always worth trying one of the MP3s which help them find a way to let go of their anxious thoughts and feelings through one of my published sleep stories before you do anything else. Very often one of these ‘off the shelf’ audios is the answer as of course they have been created on my more than twenty years’ experience of helping children overcome their anxieties.

But sometimes the answer is one of my tailor-made audios

Tailor made audios ‘do what it says on the tin’! You fill in my questionnaire giving me as much information as you can, you and I have a telephone consultation and then I set about creating a sleep meditation just for your very own child where they can let go of their particular worries and drift happily off to sleep. The audios are tailored to their individual needs, their particular concerns and their very own interests and likes and dislikes. For more information, please contact me here at

Magic, Teddies, Princesses, Cartoons, Wrestlers, Fairies

These are just a few examples of favourite characters that I embed into gentle sleep-encouraging stories to help your child let go of worries, and other deeper anxieties, as they listen to my voice relaxing them just before they drift off to sleep. Almost every child enjoys a bedtime story particularly when it is written and recorded especially for them to relax to as they drift off to sleep.

A positive impact on your own sleep too!

Try a general audio first, and if your child still needs help, ask me about creating something very special just for them. And, of course, the fact that your child can drift happily off to sleep at night can have a very positive impact on your own quality of sleep too. So, this often means that it isn’t just for them … it’s for you too!

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