What a joy to find this mail in my inbox! - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist
What a joy to find this mail in my inbox!

I’m dry at night

What a joy to find this mail in my inbox!

Dear Lynda,

We wanted to thank you for your help with bedwetting, it worked really well on our son when everything else had failed (he was 8 already and we had tried every trick in the book!). My advice to parents is to keep playing it every night when your child goes to sleep even for weeks and weeks and slowly, it works, without any drugs or therapy!

Also, we’ve definitely seen a huge improvement on his mental focus thanks to your hypnosis recording as well, he’s now the one in the family who remembers everything and his homework is done perfectly and at high speed, leaving him with lots of time to play!

Thank you so much, your work is a life-changer.


Mr and Mrs Wade

“We sent you this feedback, to thank you and help other parents like ourselves!” 

The above is what the parents told me when I asked if I could publish their mail … so very many thanks to them

What amazing feedback!

How great it is to learn of the triumph for this child! 

What an amazing relief it is for the parents who have spent weeks, months or often years dealing with wet beds every night searching for a solution to their child’s problem 

I’m always delighted to learn of a child’s success through listening to one of my audios. is so rewarding for me 

Mr and Mrs Wade were so relieved that they had at last found the answer to their child’s bedwetting problem that they told me that they were more than happy for me to publish their child’s success and their name. (I am not mentioning the child’s name though to safeguard their privacy and this picture is from IStock)  

To receive this feedback is so rewarding because …

  • Each audio is worked on with care and attention to get the language as appropriate as possible to the topic and for the suggested age group
  • I have researched the possible causes of the problem over many years
  • Each audio has been tried and tested on individual clients many, many times 
  • The audio contains the most helpful suggestions to overcome the problem
  • These parents have rightly understood that it is regular listening that gets the best results
  • Of course, I cannot promise you that this audio will work 100% of the time for every single child as each child responds in their own way, but I can very truthfully assure you that I have had amazing success across the English speaking world over the years!

Go here https://www.firstwayforward.com/product-tag/bedwetting/ and you can read the descriptions of the audios and listen to a short sample to be sure you pick the most appropriate audio for your child’s age 

I’m Dry at Night for 6-9 years or Control your bladder all night through for 10–15 years

If your child needs individual help, I can also work with them on ZOOM or in person, followed up with a tailor-made audio. Or I can simply create tailor made audios through discussion with the parent. Currently, for COVID safety, I am asking people who come in person to take lateral flow tests earlier in the day and I will do the same

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