Does itching skin disturb your sleep? - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist
Does itching skin disturb your sleep?

Read on for a helpful way to soothe your skin and sleep!

From my personal experience I can say that at times skin irritation has felt almost unbearable. About three years ago for no apparent reason I developed Urticaria (sometimes known as Hives).

Prescription Cream

A skin specialist prescribed a corticosteroid cream (check the web for a brand name) which I used as advised and, sadly, it did no good whatsoever!

Over the counter creams

Various pharmacists suggested other medications as support or alternatives and I have to say that the best has been Eurax (an anti-itching cream), and Aveena a soothing moisturising cream.

I mention these creams as they have brought me great relief and I promise that I get no reward whatsoever from mentioning their names … I just want to pass on what has helped me.

But three years on I was often feeling a bit desperate!

The creams had certainly helped but they weren’t the complete answer at bedtime when I wanted to sleep. There are fewer distractions when you want to sleep and your mind more easily focuses on the itching!

Why do human beings often ignore the obvious?

A few years ago at the request of several people who were suffering from lack of sleep as a result of itching skin, I wrote and recorded an audio designed to soothe and relieve their symptoms, particularly at night.

I knew it had helped them! People told me so. Had I been listening to it myself? No, I hadn’t!

Kind or stupid?

Why hadn’t I been listening to it myself? I hear you ask! I’ve asked myself this many times since and the kind answer is that I was more concerned about helping other people than helping myself. But, in reality, the true answer is probably that I was just being a bit stupid!

I finally remembered it and downloaded it on to my phone

I began listening at night when I went to bed and found that it soothed, comforted and distracted me and that most of the time I was able to drop off to sleep pretty quickly. Sometimes I have felt I needed to play it twice but usually I have been able to drift off to sleep more comfortably, more easily and much more quickly.

Cure or relief?

It’s not a cure, for me any way, but it is an enormous relief. So, if you want some relief from itching skin at night-time, in addition to the creams, why not give it a try?

You don’t have a lot to lose really … the download is only £8.95 and you can read about it, listen to a sample and buy it here.

Not a lot to lose at £8.95 but potentially a sense of calm, soothed skin and a better night’s sleep to gain!

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