Do you or your children desperately need more calming night-time relaxation and sleep?  – Better Sleep & Relaxation by Lynda Hudson

You know and I know that… There’s a definite link these days between the dreaded issue of screen time and poor sleep. It’s a result of the pesky emission of an artificial blue light from electronic devices which can suppress the release of melatonin, a hormone which helps to induce sleep. Annoying though it is it can’t be denied that social messaging, gaming, web surfing, very often occur in the evening and even watching TV cause the blue light effect! So, try not to overdo it if you want to get a calm and relaxing sleep!

For better sleep and relaxation, here is something and someone who can help you!

Do you or your children desperately need more calming night-time relaxation and sleep?  - Better Sleep & Relaxation by Lynda Hudson

Lynda Hudson’s Hypnotic Help for Better Sleep & Relaxation

Lynda Hudson, the sleep whisperer for all ages, has helped adults to get more and better sleep and relaxation for many years but she has witnessed a meteoric rise in tiny tots needing a calming intervention at bedtime.

So, from bedtime worries to full-blown anxiety that hamper sleep, Lynda’s MP3s are here to save the day … and night … for all ages!

Better Sleep & Relaxation: Check out these sleep audios for children

This is the secret that every parent needs to learn. Lynda’s gentle calming voice lulls the kids to sleep within minutes and parents can relax instead of having to spend their evenings comforting their children.

Her sleep audios for children of different age groups are remarkably effective at bedtime. Whether it’s letting worries float away in balloons or whispering them to magic flowers or letting their worries float off into the sea as they paddle in the surf, these bedtime stories are the secret to children’s drifting calmly off to sleep.

Different ones for different age groups.

Do you want an age-appropriate sleep audio for your child? Have a look and listen to children 3-5 years old calming meditations and rest and sleep.


What about you? Check out these sleep audios for adults

Of course, help is not only needed for children! Adults need calming sleep at night too and Lynda helps adults of all ages relax physically and mentally, breathing in the calm … and breathing out the tension as they become absorbed in the persuasive and comforting words that help them drift off to sleep.

While listening it just seems natural to let go of irritating thoughts, and even deep-seated anxiety, using a variety of relaxing techniques. Many people discover that the mindfulness approach on some audios can help them feel so much calmer and comfortable that sleep seems to be natural, easy and effortless. Letting go of worries, releasing deep-seated anxiety using a variety of breathing techniques and mindfulness techniques can help you feel so much calmer and comfortable that drifting off to sleep seems to be natural easy and effortless.

For better sleep and relaxation Have a look here and listen to mindfulness-style meditations and get a good night’s sleep.

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