“The effect is really extraordinary” says the lady who wrote to me … - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist
“The effect is really extraordinary” says the lady who wrote to me …

How wonderful it was to read her email!

My comments on the mail are interspersed in these coloured italics.

Please note that this lovely woman was more than happy to tell other people of her positive experience and she gave me her full permission to print her mail. She had already gone through a very traumatic period in her life the year before lockdown and then lockdown itself further severely impacted on her mental health, as it has done for so many others!

Our mental and physical health are entwined

The audio has had a significant impact not only on my mental well-being but also on my physical health, my blood pressure that was high before, is much lower after listening to the audio every night. I listen to it before going to sleep and before I realise, I am drifting off to a calm, soothing place and wake up rested the next day; what is extraordinary is my ability now to deal with things that I was unable to cope with previously.

Two things at work here … the effect of the words was sufficiently mentally calming to allow her to relax, lower anxiety and get a good night’s sleep which she had been missing. Then the sleep itself gave her more energy the following day and had a positive effect on both her mental and physical health too

Her blood pressure lowered and stabilised

The audio has been most effective when I listen to it on my own on my mobile when I am resting.  If I feel anxious, I play it and I immediately feel a marked difference in my anxiety levels.  I had previously been unable to manage my blood pressure, which had rocketed, but now it has stabilized and is almost normal!  I feel more confident and able to deal with everyday problems.

Simply twenty minutes of resting and listening every night for two or three weeks increased her mental calm and lowered her blood pressure!  One of the important points here is that regular listening will speed and increase progress

After two years of suffering acute anxiety … three weeks of committed listening brought “a huge difference to my sleep pattern, my anxiety levels and my general well-being”

During the course of a year, I have tried hard to deal with anxiety and to control it but I have never felt so calm until I began to listen to Lynda’s audio in a systematic way at night.  The effect is really extraordinary.  Somehow in my mind, these positive and soothing words … together with the effective way in which it is done …  has made a huge difference to my sleep pattern, my anxiety levels and my general well-being. When I listen to it, it is as if I am on holiday … somewhere far away and the sensations are extraordinarily real and effective.  I fall asleep with it.

I do say a prayer for Lynda Hudson every day for making such a difference to my well-being and my health.

Interestingly the audio she was listening to was originally written with teenagers in mind but has also been listened to and benefitted very many fully grown adults too. Check it out here  https://www.firstwayforward.com/product/let-go-of-anxiety/

I have a Trauma Series here https://www.firstwayforward.com/product-tag/trauma/

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