Exhausted? Help for your ‘Mental Health’ is at hand - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist
Exhausted? Help for your ‘Mental Health’ is at hand

There is no vaccine for your mental health but this audio could help!

It certainly helped Helen who sent me these words the other day. Night-time has often been a bit of a nightmare for her … a combination of an overactive mind and an irritating urge to ruminate about negative thoughts and worries.

This is what she wrote

“I have been listening to Lynda’s Inner Calm recording for a couple of weeks, mainly to help my busy mind when I am in bed! Although not specifically for that, it certainly helps a lot. Her calm, hypnotic voice leads you gently through various small steps with no pressure at all. Everything is positive, and you feel serene and kind of in control. It helps you to remain in the moment and become calm. I would definitely recommend it, and I hope to perhaps try some other recordings that she has made.”

‘Inner calm the mindfulness way’

This is the full title of the audio that Helen was listening to and actually it is often my personal audio of choice too when I want to relax either for a break in a very busy day or at night when I need to ease my mind so that sleep becomes possible.

This is not simply mindfulness … It is mindfulness plus!

It uses calming breathing activities that encourage relaxation and an awareness of the body in the way that mindfulness does, but it also uses positive imagery and positive suggestions (ideas from hypnotherapy) which can enhance a stillness of mind and body plus thoughts and feelings of inner calm and confidence.

We all need a helping hand from time to time …

Maybe now in these COVID times more than ever! Sometimes it’s good to talk, sometimes it’s good to exercise, sometimes it’s good to relax. Sometimes for various reasons such as lack of time or lack of energy we simply can’t face doing these things. But most of us can go to bed and listen to a gentle audio to help us absorb calming and supportive messages to encourage us as we drift off to sleep so that we wake feeling more refreshed and able to face the day in a more positive way.

See our mindful meditation recordings here: https://www.firstwayforward.com/product-category/mindfulness-meditations/

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