COVID is very infectious and COVID anxiety is very infectious too! - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist
COVID is very infectious and COVID anxiety is very infectious too!

The truth is that all anxiety is exceptionally catching

Naturally, children don’t understand why their parents are tense and anxious … but the anxiety is very real and it is immensely infectious … even very young children pick up on it and then find it very difficult to get off to sleep on their own!

It becomes a vicious circle!

You are tense … your child picks up on this but doesn’t understand it … this makes them anxious too … they can’t go to sleep unless you sit with them … so you stay with them (thus encouraging their need for you to stay with them) … you are impatient to either go and cook the dinner or just have a sit down … this makes them more anxious and loath to let you go!!

Even very young kids pick up on their parents worries and it definitely affects their sleep

And when I say kids, in this case I mean really little kids! From about three to about five years old …. Maybe even two and a half in some cases

So I decided to create a new series for very young children called ‘Calming Meditations for Kids’

If your little one is having problems going to sleep on their own then Bedtime for sleepy toys … and for kids too is probably exactly what both they and you need right now … something calming and relaxing to help your small children doze off calmly and comfortably to sleep.

This one tells the story of the toys who decided to have a bit of a party after the children had all gone to bed and were safely asleep. Dolls, teddies, all came out to play and dance to the tunes that the musical instruments were playing. Everyone was having a great time.

That might not sound very sleepy but I forgot to mention the sleep fairy!

Everyone needs a sleep fairy and here she is lulling the toys and your child off to sleep.

Despite their best efforts the toys couldn’t stay awake!

As your children listen to the story they will begin to respond to the suggestions for safety and sleepiness and drift off to sleep as my voice becomes sleepier and sleepier towards the end.

Why is this track so successful?

One of the reasons is that the listeners are NOT being told that they have to go to sleep (which usually has the opposite effect!) The story is all about the toys getting more and more tired because of the sleepy dust and it is the toys who are yawning their way to sleep.

So compulsive was it that when I played it to my husband he began yawning and feeling sleepy too!

Want to listen to a sample? Click here

12 minutes long and competitively priced at £3.95

By the way, if you’re having problems sleeping yourself Click here to see sleep and relaxation downloads for different age groups

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