Mental Health issues affect people very differently - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist
Mental Health issues affect people very differently

I am currently being overwhelmed with requests for help with issues that are rooted in anxiety but often show up in different behaviours with different people.

Anger may be anxiety based

Some of the most common problems are very clearly anxiety based. However, anger for example can often arise from underlying anxiety which the person doesn’t want to acknowledge or just doesn’t know how to handle.

The frustration that many children experience through feeling unable to handle their anxiety can cause angry and sometimes violent outbursts towards others which of course escalates the problem!

School anxiety has been on the rise

The number of children and teenagers that I see who are suffering from school anxiety to the extent that they are actually refusing school this year has without a doubt increased considerably.

‘Functional’ Tics also on the rise and linked to anxiety

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, medics have reported ‘an explosion of tics’ in young people, especially adolescent girls and they have found that these particular tics arise as a result of psychological difficulties rather than physical disorders.

ZOOM can make life easy!

I am seeing clients on ZOOM at the moment and then creating completely personalised audios for them to listen to for on-going support. This generally works very well and the feedback on the audios is very positive indeed. The audio is calming and relaxing and, as well as helping them deal with their individual issue, it helps them drift off into a much-needed sleep.

Clearly, I can’t see all the people who are seeking help and waiting lists on CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) are very long. And, of course getting private help is beyond the means of many, but there is another answer which is considerably more affordable!

Affordable audios for all ages

I have a very large number of reasonably-priced-audios created for a wide variety of age groups from adults to very little children which help with many different types of anxiety and many different issues. For very many people these MP3s can be enough to sort out the problem altogether. For other people they can help calm and stabilise them until in person help becomes available. Sometimes the waiting time for Mental Health Services can be incredibly long so calming, supportive audios, which also help people get that all-important sleep, have been found invaluable!

You can search for these audios here according to the different issues or the very different age-groups or just click on SHOP in the MENU

Look at the charcoal strip down the left side of the page and it will give you an idea of where to start looking. You will find descriptions of each audio track and you can listen to a sample before buying.

You will find short, calming bedtime stories created especially for 3-5-year-olds. Lots of choice for 6-10-year-olds to help them manage anxiety, fears and anger, sleep and self-esteem issues. Teens and Adults are not forgotten … Audios that help with anger, anxiety and sleep issues are available through all the age groups!

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