Mindfulness or Self-Hypnosis? Do we have to choose one or the other? - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist
Mindfulness or Self-Hypnosis? Do we have to choose one or the other?

How about both Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis?

Why not combine the two? Life doesn’t always have to be about EITHER / OR … It can be both.

And to be truthful you don’t actually need to sit cross-legged on a mountain! Nor do you really need to sit in quiet, peaceful surroundings … (although of course it’s nice!) …  because, both Self-Hypnosis and Mindfulness can help you to find your own ‘inner’ peace and quiet.

But what’s the difference between Mindfulness Meditation and Self-Hypnosis anyway?

Mindfulness meditation usually involves sitting silently and paying attention in a detached kind of way to thoughts, sounds, the sensations of breathing or parts of the body, bringing your attention back whenever the mind starts to wander. It’s really about simply noticing external and internal responses.

Self- hypnosis can also encourage the calm meditative state. The important difference between the two is that hypnosis also uses the power of suggestion to bring about the positive change you want to make in your life. There is a focus on what you want to achieve for yourself

But we don’t have to choose one or the other!

We can have both. As a Hypnotherapist I passionately believe in the power of positive thought and positive suggestion and I also like the calming effect of mindfulness meditation

So, in addition to my many hypnosis downloads, I have created a powerful series of self-help audios where I combine both of these approaches and I call this approach Hypnotherapy the Mindfulness way

See here for the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy  FAQ

This combination of Hypnosis and Mindfulness is particularly effective with highly stressed people

In these audios I encourage you to breathe in a very gentle calming and rhythmic way that encourages your body to relax.

But it is also vital that you get your mind to relax as well so I add in imaginative suggestions that help the mind to become calm and relaxed at the same time as your body.

For example, some people respond really well, both mentally and physically, to a suggestion like this:

‘I’d like you to imagine, if you will, that with each out breath … you breathe out any tense or stressful thoughts … maybe … in your mind’s eye … you could even see them floating away …’

‘And with each in breath perhaps you could imagine that you are breathing in a sense of calm … some people even imagine that the air around them is a very calming colour and they see the colour and they feel this soothing sense of comfort both their mind and body as they breathe it in … take a moment to notice how you experience it now ’

See, hear, feel and experience this release of tension in your own way

Some people will respond more to one sense than another so I include calming images, inspiring thoughts, comforting feelings, and carefully worded positive suggestions so that each listener can benefit from the audio in the way which suits them best

I add in suggestions to make it easy for them to choose to use all or any of their senses to see, hear and feel this release of tension. I also include suggestions to imagine their own individual ways in which they personally will experience the benefits of relieving their stress or letting go of obsessive thinking or unnecessary stored guilty feelings as appropriate

Why not take a look here and listen to some samples to get an experience of how my hypnotherapy the mindfulness way downloads can help you?

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