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Boost your self-esteem


Age 10-15 | Length: 23 mins

  • Delete negative, unhelpful beliefs
  • Recognise and appreciate own good qualities
  • Discover inner resources
  • Powerful positive suggestions for self esteem
  • Respect the person they are

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Is your child being held back by a lack of self-esteem and confidence? Why not try this gentle & relaxing, self-help hypnotherapy CD / Download for young people aged about 10-15 years? It helps them RECOGNISE AND PLACE A VALUE ON THEIR INNATE GOOD QUALITIES. With regular bedtime or other quiet time listening they are helped to FEEL MORE CONFIDENT AND COPE MORE EASILY IN A VARIETY OF SITUATIONS in their daily life. They imagine their mind as an inner computer where they seek out and DELETE ANY UNHELPFUL DISPARAGING BELIEFS ABOUT THEMSELVES. They re-set their self-esteem program with positive messages so they have respect for themselves, are more keen to try new things, learn from mistakes instead of blaming themselves, and generally enjoy being their own person.

The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success!

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