It’s good to talk … or is it?– Lynda Hudson-Hypnotherapist
It’s good to talk… or is it?

Yes it is… but just be a bit choosy about who you talk to Remember that not everybody can keep a secret

And, while it is certainly better not to bottle up your feelings and let them drag you down, you don’t necessarily want your private problems being discussed by all and sundry. Remember that the urge to tell a secret is for some people completely irresistible!

Not everybody is a good listener

Some people turn your confidence into an invitation to give you a monologue of their own troubles and the entire conversation becomes all about them rather than a sharing of experiences.

Beware the self-appointed problem solvers

Sometimes people stop actually listening and heap advice on you that would be fine for them but not necessarily for you. And you might not want advice… you might just want to ‘let off steam’ or need a shoulder to cry on!

The workplace may not always be the best place for very personal problems

I know more than one person who, after confiding their anxiety problems to colleagues, were labelled ‘too weak and vulnerable’ and overlooked for promotion.

Take care with what you reveal

I have had clients tell me they’ve been ostracised or bullied because of what they’ve revealed to so-called friends who have then spread rumours. Sometimes the truth gets misrepresented and others can be quick to judge or say there’s no smoke without fire!

Don’t get me wrong!

I’m not disagreeing with the current mantra that ‘it’s good to talk‘… but I am suggesting we should be a little bit selective in who we reveal what to, and where and when we do it! Sometimes, about certain things, it can be safer to talk privately to a professional. And sometimes of course it’s just really good to talk to your friends… maybe just think before you speak!

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