Are CDs ‘old hat’? But do you still like them?
Are CDs ‘old hat’? But do you still like them? Are they good for young kids? Do you like slashed prices?

We have Meditation & Hypnotherapy Audios with ranges for Adults and Children

Quite often parents still buy physical CDs for their young kids.

At the other end of the scale quite a lot of older people still like using CDs and CD players. Some people at any age just like CDs.

If you like CDs and you like slashed prices, grab this offer now!

Be quick though. We are offering a selection of our CDs at less than half price because very soon the audios will only be available as MP3 versions.

Maybe you like having something tangible … you like using your CD player… maybe you don’t feel you are a ‘techie’?

But it’s only while stocks last! So hurry!

Some of our audios are already only available in MP3 versions but we do have some CDs left! Go to our on-line shop and have a look… Prices of certain CDs have been truly slashed to less than half price. Before they were selling at £12.95 … now for sale at £5 each while stocks last

Most people listen to downloads on their phones these days but

… remember that if you have a CD facility on your computer of course you can buy the CD and save it to your computer and choose whether you want to listen on CD or as a download.

So you can have the best of both worlds for £5!

Here is a selection of some of the titles at less than half price

Nervous about your driving test?

Try Beat driving test nerves

Have you suffered a traumatic event and feel you can’t let it go? Try this very calming CD After trauma

About to have an operation? Try this calming audio and get a sense of fast tracking your recovery

Pre-Surgery and Healing

Find it hard to stand up for yourself? Or just sound as though you mean what you say?

Be assertive

Feeling down and a bit depressed … Listen regularly and begin to lift your spirits

Come up from depression

Nervous about making presentations or speaking in groups?

Confident public speaking

Are you facing chemotherapy? This CD can help you cope with it emotionally and physically. Although the title and intro refers to Breast Cancer, the twin track audio itself doesn’t mention Breast Cancer itself. It will help you cope with chemo that you are having for any reason at all.

Breast cancer, Support thru chemotherapy

Are you frightened of flying? This CD helps you before and during your flight

Fly with confidence

Does your child still suck their thumb or their fingers?

If they themselves would like to stop this, try Stop sucking your thumb and or fingers


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