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Stop sucking your thumb


CD now reduced from £12.95 to £5 while stocks last!
Ages 4-9 Length: 24 mins

  • Relax in a ‘flying hammock’
  • Fly off to a special magic pool that helps you
  • let go of old thumb or finger-sucking habit
  • Feel calm, comfortable & confident
  • Lose need to suck thumb
  • Feel more grown up and proud of yourself
  • Protect the teeth
  • Be proud of yourself and of your strong, straight teeth


Does your child want to STOP SUCKING THEIR THUMB or THEIR FINGERS but doesn’t quite know how? If so, this relaxing, imaginative recording for regular quiet time or bedtime-listening for 4-9 year olds could be your answer. (Bear in mind that this is a case of helping rather than forcing children to stop against their will.) Lynda’s voice helps them FEEL MORE CONFIDENT AND COMFORTED so they can more easily and HAPPILY LET THE HABIT GO. Some children stop immediately while others are more likely to do it gradually, doing it less and less than previously. The story takes children on an imaginary flying hammock to play in a magic pool where they receive powerful suggestions for feeling strong, grown up and happy to TAKE CHARGE OF THEIR THUMBS and, of course, feel VERY PROUD OF THEMSELVES imagining their success.

The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success!

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