Fly with confidence


Adults & Teenagers – Length: 36 mins

  • Relax comfortably and calmly
  • Be talked through normal sounds and sensations
  • Overcome old anxieties about flying
  • Feel calm and confident during the flight
  • Be aware of inner feelings of reassurance and safety
  • Take everything in your stride and enjoy your journey
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Do you want to OVERCOME YOUR FEAR OF FLYING? This self-help hypnotherapy CD / Download for adults and teenagers could be just what you need to INCREASE YOUR SENSE OF CALM AND CONFIDENCE on a plane! For very best results, LISTEN IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE COMPANION CD ‘BEFORE YOU FLY’. Otherwise, listen to this recording everyday for at least 2-3 weeks leading up to a flight and also take it with you to LISTEN ON THE AIRCRAFT ITSELF FOR EXTRA REASSURANCE. Relaxing comfortably and calmly, you are GUIDED THROUGH THE NORMAL ROUTINES, SENSATIONS AND SOUNDS OF FLYING together with powerful suggestions for calm and control. You then visualise yourself thinking, feeling and handling things on the flight altogether more CALMLY AND EFFECTIVELY than ever before.

The recording uses state of the art technology with layered voices panning from left to right and is particularly effective when you listen on headphones. Regular listening is the key to success!

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