Ten Top Tips to Lift Your Mood – First Way Forward
Ten Top Tips to Lift Your Mood

Remember that your mind and your body are connected

Your thoughts and your feelings and your body language are inextricably linked. We generally believe that we have to start with a positive thought and positive feelings and body language will automatically follow.

While this is undoubtedly true it is also true that you can reverse the process and get an interestingly positive result so try some of these…

1 Copy positive posture and change your mental and emotional reaction

Look at someone who is positive, optimistic and in a good mood. Check out their posture. You’ll generally find they are standing or sitting up straight and not slumping down. It’s almost as though they look taller and yet also relaxed instead of tensed and stiff. Copy their posture and notice the difference in yourself.

2 Look upwards instead of downwards!

If you look at a depressed person you will notice that their focus is normally downwards (how often have you heard people saying they ‘feel a bit down at the moment’?) Interestingly, during a hypnotherapy session with a depressed client I ‘tucked in’ a suggestion that she would find herself drawn to look up at treetops during the week. When I saw her the following week she reported feeling strangely brighter, much less down and surprisingly lifted by the sight and sounds of the birds nesting in the trees which she hadn’t noticed previously noticed!

3 Move … Do something physical

It doesn’t matter what it is. Do whatever floats your boat! Just move! Dance to some loud music with a strong beat / go for a walk or a run / Go to the gym / Go to a step or trampoline class / Do some stretching

4 Sing … Singing is good for you

Sing on your own loudly / sing with others … join a choir. Friends persuaded my husband to join a choir. I’m not lying when I say he looks five or even ten years younger when he comes home.

Can’t be persuaded to do something physical? Try one of these ideas!

5 Do a random kind thing to surprise someone!

Think of doing something kind or positive as a total surprise for someone and plan when, where and how you will carry it out. And then DO IT! As well as bringing some pleasure into someone else’s life it will almost certainly give you a positive feeling as well.

6 Do something completely different that you’ve never done before

Go to a concert / gallery / exhibition / cinema on your own and feel empowered! Have a facial (and yes, I’m told that lots of guys book in for facials although they may not admit to it!) / Even something as simple as taking a different route can start the process of getting out of a rut! See how many very simple new things you can do in a week or in a day!

7 Think of three things that you are pleased and grateful to have in your life and daydream about them as you lie in bed before sleep

If you can’t manage three go for one!

8 Write down a positive thought

You could buy one of those really attractive little books and begin to collect any positive thoughts or happenings in it. Reading a simple compliment someone gave you can give you a quick lift when you need one.

Or simply write something positive on a ‘post it’ and stick it up by your lap top or on a cupboard door or send yourself a positive message on your phone.

9 Listen to a book

You can subscribe to Audible.co.uk and download a book to listen to on your phone. It’s a great thing to do as you can do it anywhere, any time. You can listen on a journey to work, listen at bedtime. Listening is less effort than reading so if you are tired it’s ideal. It’s also great for making menial, boring tasks (tidying up, cleaning) much more bearable! It’s also great if you are lonely as listening to someone talking to you can make you feel less alone.

10 Download and listen to one of my meditation / hypnotherapy audios

Online Hypnotherapy Products, I believe we now have about ninety to choose from!

You can read the description of each and listen to a short sample before buying.

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These could be of interest

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