Hypnotherapy CD's & MP3's For Children !
Hypnotherapy CDs / MP3s for children are my passion!

Why do I say this?

For many reasons, not the least is the feedback I get from the children themselves and also from their parents who tell me about the amazing positive changes they observe! Listen to these children Louis and Maya who sent me their videos to tell me how they felt and still feel having listened to their audios Let your worries fly away and Rest and sleep.

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Children & Teenagers

(And just in case you are wondering, these stars did this completely off their own bat and I was both surprised and delighted to receive them! Also, bearing in mind the recent GDPR requirements, I checked with them and their parents that they were completely sure that they wanted me to display them publicly!)

Anxiety is often at its height at bedtime

This is almost always the case for both children and adults. During the day we are usually (although not always!) more able to put our worries to one side because we have so many other things to distract us. But they often come back to haunt us with a vengeance at night when there are fewer distractions to occupy our minds. What could be better then than to listen to an audio which helps to calm and comfort you?

On-going support & reassurance

Not every problem can be sorted out with one hypnosis session contrary to what some people would have you believe. The fact is that, although with face-to-face hypnotherapy many problems can be completely relieved in one session, there are other issues that take longer to resolve. What could be better than to have something that reassures and supports on an on-going basis?

Hypnotherapy meditations help ensure a good night’s sleep

The audios are relaxing, calming and comforting and most children will drift off to sleep before the end. I always include positive affirmations so that, as they drift off, they are hearing positive and reassuring thoughts.

Why is listening at bedtime the very best thing?

Recent discoveries about sleep, backed up by experimental research, tell us that one of the very most important functions of sleep is to consolidate learning. So it must follow that if what kids are listening to last thing at night includes positive, optimistic and calming suggestions and affirmations, these will be reinforced during sleep!

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