Half full or half empty … does it really matter?
Half full or half empty … does it really matter?

Research suggests that optimists may live longer

And not only a little bit longer … For both men and women optimism was also linked to living to 85 years or older – with instances of “exceptional longevity”


Optimism coupled with a healthy lifestyle showed even greater links to longevity

So if you want to live longer try changing to a more positive attitude and pay attention to your exercise levels, diet, lack of smoking and keeping alcohol to moderate or low levels

Optimists are less likely to develop heart disease than pessimists according to a US eight year trial

The researchers found that not only were they less likely to develop coronary heart disease they were less likely to die from any cause over that same period of time!

Anxiety sufferers usually have a ‘glass half empty disposition’

I see very many anxiety sufferers in my Hypnotherapy practice and from my experience I would say that people who suffer from anxiety tend to be generally fairly pessimistic. Not surprising really since they spend a vast amount of time and energy imagining every single thing going wrong and then worrying about how difficult it will be to cope. Definitely pessimistic then! Life can be really exhausting and miserable when you worry all the time!

Sufferers from depression may have a ‘glass completely empty disposition’

If you are in the depths of depression it is incredibly difficult to think of anything at all going right. And even if you could conceive of certain things working out well, it probably wouldn’t make any difference. You just feel that nothing much could really make a difference to you. Life can feel quite hopeless at times.

Optimistic, Pessimistic or maybe Realistic?

Some of us like to think in terms of being a Realist which seems to suggest getting the best of both worlds. I use both optimism and pessimism to help me make important decisions. I like to consider things from both points of view so I can make contingency plans in case my optimism fails! But being a realist can actually be quite time consuming as I have to consider both points of view first so even a bit of a downside here!

If you want to be more positive and optimistic

A bit of mental training can help. Make a point of imagining yourself carrying out the steps you need to take for what you really want to happen on a regular (daily) basis. For example imagine playing your golf shot and carrying out every tiny little action in the most perfect way … this is what all professional sports people do.

Often they pay their sports psychologists very handsomely indeed for their help in this … and there’s no doubt that it pays dividends! Your mind and your body work together to produce amazing results.

And it doesn’t have to be for sport of course

Regular mental rehearsal of what you want to happen and how precisely you will make it happen can work wonders. Make it really vivid and realistic and precise.

Help is at hand through regular listening to hypnotic audios

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