Indecisiveness ? Learn How to Simply Overcome it With.
The nightmare of indecision!

Shall I? Shan’t I?

It goes round and round in your mind, constantly occupying space and time that would be far better used for something more worthwhile. Same old thing. Same old arguments!

Don’t underestimate the stress of indecision

It can literally become a nightmare when the issue penetrates your dreams. Or it can stop you sleeping and dreaming at all!

And … it can spiral into a sleep problem … then a sleeping tablet problem … Or would it be better to have another glass of wine? Or bottle of wine perhaps?

Some people comfort eat while some people go right off their food.

Others get really grumpy and short tempered and yet others find it hard to concentrate as they’re going over and over the same old ‘for and against’ arguments in their minds.

Being able to see both sides of an argument has its drawbacks!

Yes, it’s good to have an open mind, good to be fair minded and flexible but it can make it really hard to make a decision. And that is really not a good thing!

For the last several months I have been trying to decide whether to withdraw from a speaking engagement or not. There were so many sensible, logical reasons why I should have withdrawn ages ago because my help was needed elsewhere. But in my heart I wanted to do it. What to do?

It’s been constantly in the back of my mind for months. Each time I wasn’t having to fully concentrate on the task in hand, this decision I had to make would reappear to bug me. Should I or shouldn’t I cancel?

Oh the relief!!

Yesterday on the train I made a decision … just like that! I texted and withdrew from the engagement … finally some peace of mind! I really didn’t realise quite how much it had been bugging me until this morning when I was having breakfast! I just don’t need to think about this anymore!

Finally I took the advice I give to my clients

In the end, much as you want to make the right decision, if you’ve given the problem a lot of serious thought and you still haven’t come up with an answer, there probably isn’t just one right answer.

So make a decision and set about making it the right answer. Do everything you can to support the decision and make it turn out well.

What a lot of thinking time I wasted. I’m now giving my full attention to things that DO have right answers! Or making them the right answers!!

Now, why didn’t I think of one of these?

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