Why colds are the Bane in a hypnotherapist life?
Colds are the bane of a hypnotherapist’s life!

Nobody likes them of course but most people can go to work regardless … not me!

Well, nobody really wants to be stuck in a therapy room with someone breathing their germs all over them of course. (Naturally that works the other way around too as that’s how I got my recent one but that’s just a risk everyone takes at this time of year!)

But the real problems are, that it attacks your voice … how can you sound soothing if your throat is rasping … or authoritative if you have a weak throaty whisper? And when you can’t breathe properly or when you try and speak regardless and then you start coughing and spluttering and have tears spilling down your face, it’s definitely not a good look!

Nor is it a good sound for a client to listen to on an audio that you make for them to reinforce the treatment you give them in the sessions and for ongoing support!

Then your voice improves and you try to fit the clients you had to cancel last week into the following week

So the first one or two sessions go quite well but you overstrain your voice and you have to cancel them all again because your voice is worse than ever. And then you have a moan to friends and family and they say ‘What are you moaning about? It’s just a cold!’ No sympathy there then!

So, off for a soothing glass of lemon and honey and a drop of whisky too. That should do the trick!

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