What is Children's Hypnotherapy-A blog-post by First way Forward
Children’s hypnotherapy: a gentle and effective way of helping anxious children feel safe

Are you looking for a gentle and effective way of helping your anxious young child feel safe and calm and more confident too?

One of our most popular audios for young children is called ‘Let your worries fly away’. It’s a very gentle and calming hypnotherapy recording that helps children around four years to nine years relax and drift off to sleep at night letting go of anything they might have been worrying about. The suggested age group is just a rough guide since I have had four year olds listen and feel calmed and comforted and I have had eleven year olds who have loved listening too.

I was on a radio chat show once where a well-known broadcaster was very dismissive and ‘sneery’ about the possibility of young children having anything to worry about! I think she must have been very out of touch with the world of young children!

Common childhood anxiety problems

The unfortunate truth is that, judging by the number of children I see for anxiety of various kinds and the number of purchases of this particular audio, it seems that young children these days seem to worry about all manner of things. They worry about not having friends, falling out with friends, being too shy to speak in social situations, being bullied by other kids in person or on social media, being separated from their parents, not getting to sleep, dying, their family dying, flying, eating and not eating, tests and exams, being terrified of spiders, dogs and insects to the extent that they don’t dare to go outside … the list goes on and on!

Listen to Louis

Go here and listen to what the delightful young boy called Louis has to say about listening to this MP3 in his short video that he made completely as his own idea to send to me! https://www.firstwayforward.com/children-and-teenagers

Let your worries fly away and drift calmly off to sleep

And we all know how everything seems so much worse at night doesn’t it? So this gentle and relaxing hypnosis CD / Download could be just what they need to drift off to sleep at bedtime! It helps them release worrying thoughts and feelings and feel more calm and comfortable inside. Children, imagine breathing in a wonderful calm colour and breathing out unwanted thoughts or feelings into an air balloon or into the basket underneath. As they watch the worries float off into the distance they are given suggestions for feeling calm, comforted and more confident. They then learn an instant trigger for calm feelings and imagine themselves using this successfully in their daily lives. They can relax feeling safe and peaceful as they listen and, if it’s bedtime, drift comfortably off to sleep at the end. Go here to listen to the sample https://www.firstwayforward.com/product/let-your-worries-fly-away

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