Mindfulness Meditation: It stops the scary stuff!
Mindfulness Meditation: It stops the scary stuff!

Pupils thrive under mindfulness

It was reported in the Observer last week that more and more schools have recognised the value of Mindfulness Meditation and have given it a regular place in their school. What brilliant news!

One primary school in the Merseyside area, close to a notorious area for gangs and gun crime, has introduced regular Mindfulness sessions with great success and found that children report that they feel much calmer and happier as a result.

Stress can be all around us

In some cases the stress is caused by the school environment… tests, exams and bullying problems but in others stress comes from the home and family circumstances.

Home should be a place of safety but can also be the cause of major stress and anxiety

Some children are living with their parents’ financial problems, loss of jobs, threats of crime and even very real fears of potential homelessness. Sometimes the parents’ stress comes out in violence not only towards each other but their children too. Little wonder then that the children are stressed and anxious and not in the right mood for learning when they get to school.

Bullying role models can create bullying children

And of course children can also follow the role models of bullying parents and take out their fears and anger in bullying other children. So they in turn are causing stress and anxiety in other children.

Mindfulness meditation training for teachers

Mindfulness meditation training for teachers is not cheap but the investment is proving well worth it according to some head teachers. Some of these teachers are even surprised themselves how well it is working but are absolutely delighted with the evidence they see before their eyes.

One nine year old at the Merseyside school I mentioned above said that it helped him to ‘forget about the scary stuff’. And from my own experience as a Children’s Hypnotherapist it isn’t just that children can ‘forget about the scary stuff’. It’s that they can cope with ‘scary stuff’ more calmly and effectively than before.

I’ve been helping kids for the last twenty years learn to control their anxiety and cope more calmly with all sorts of situations at school and at home using gentle hypnotherapy which in many ways is the same thing as mediation really in the way I do it. I just enhance the meditation with positive suggestions for more positive and effective coping plus lots of positive affirmations.

‘Mindfulness for Kids’ series in 2019

I’m already working on producing a series of helpful and calming Mindfulness Meditations for Kids which I will record and add to my children’s audios for sale in my on-line shop. Watch this space!

However it’s not all about Mindfulness … Look here

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