Professional Hypnotherapy Sessions Helps You Take Back Control
Hypnotherapy helps you take back control!

Losing control seems to be a common fear that people have about hypnosis. Why is that?

Probably because of the shows on television or on stage where people are shown to be doing silly things seemingly under the control of the stage hypnotist. And, while some people clearly find it entertaining, I have to say I find it really annoying!

Have you noticed by the way that the people who take part in these shows are rarely shy retiring violets? … They are usually, not always but usually, those who enjoy the limelight and the people who are keen to perform in the show … they are keen to take part and accept (temporarily) the suggestions to be a pop star, or even the well-known headless chicken, just to have a bit of fun!

BUT when people come to me for Hypnotherapy they don’t come for entertainment … it’s all about making some change that they WANT TO MAKE but have been finding difficult so far!

Hypnotherapy helps YOU make the change you want to make

It could be any kind of change but one of the most common reasons that people come to see me is because they are suffering from anxiety in some form or another … it may be mild or it may result in sheer panic in certain situations.

Either way it is about negative or worrying thoughts and feelings controlling their behaviour and stopping them from doing what they want to do, for example catching a plane or removing a spider from the house. Or it may be that it stops them doing what they need to do such as giving a presentation or being assertive at work. In all of these instances the person is being controlled by fearful thoughts and feelings … they themselves are actually out of control because they feel they can’t do something they want or need to do!

Negative thoughts and feelings have taken control!

People suffering from various anxiety conditions often like to control their environment but are not actually in control of their own thoughts and feelings. For example a person with OCD is under the control of certain compulsions or obsessions. They may feel compelled to have things in a certain order, or compelled to go through various rituals, not because this is a free choice but because anxiety has taken control of their thoughts, feelings and actions.

The smoker or nail biter is not in control of a habit but often desperately wants to be. The person who has panic attacks if they leave the house is not in control of their feelings or behaviour if they never go out! So in these cases their control is already lost even though they don’t see it in that way. This is where Hypnotherapy can help.

Take back control!

What I want to do is to help you take back your own control so let’s be clear … I have absolutely no interest in controlling you!

My hypnotherapy sessions are all about finding out what is not working for you in your life at the present moment and then, more importantly, discovering how you would like things to be instead. Then I help you achieve your goal. But it all involves using your own imagination, your own aims and needs … not mine! And in addition it is natural, safe and drug free!

Learn self-hypnosis and choose your own suggestions

If you prefer to make changes in the privacy of your own home why not try self-hypnosis? Learning and practising self-hypnosis gives you the ultimate control over how you think and how you feel and what you do because you give yourself your own chosen positive suggestions.  Just be sure you really want to achieve your goals because this powerful technique can truly transform your life. It may be that you would first like to listen to the audio in the comfort of your own home and possibly follow it up with a one-to-one session.

Have a look at my Learn self-hypnosis CD or MP3 here

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