First Way Forward is introducing a New way to child Hypnotherapy
Calling all hypnotherapists! Help a child create his own virtual world in Hypnotherapy!

We know that one of the best ways to capture a child’s interest when treating them with hypnotherapy is to use a story or a metaphor. But if you choose something that doesn’t interest them, or is too young or is too adult or too old-fashioned for their age group then, frankly, it will be a waste of time and a waste of effort. The crucial thing is to choose something that they can happily relate to. While, of course, this is true with any age group it is of vital importance with children. They don’t have the patience to bother with anything if they don’t see an immediate relevance to them or their problem or how to get rid of their problem!

If you are a hypnotherapist who treats boys from about 8 years to 13 years, read on!

I am giving an on-line line class which gives you information on how to use a metaphor that children / young people, boys in particular, really relate to and which gives them a fun yet useful way to overcome a problem and also to rehearse ways of dealing more positive ways of dealing with a situation in the future.
The Minecraft on-line game involves the idea of building imaginary worlds and creating fun activities and is loved by millions of children worldwide. This is what we do in the imagination through the ‘Mindcraft’ Metaphor.

When is the webinar taking place?

It goes out live at 4:00 – 5.30 pm (UK Time) on Thurs 20th July 2017 and is a Single Module of ninety minutes. You can sit in front of your PC / MAC / Laptop / iPad in your own home or anywhere at all so it’s super convenient and it only costs £35.

What if I can’t view it at that time?

Don’t worry, you can pick up the recording in your own time and even go back to it time and time again if you want to. People watch these webinars from all over the world … this is the beauty of webinars. So far I have participants from the US, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, France, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark and of course the UK too. I’d love to add some more countries so please come and join us.

How will it be presented?

There will be a mixture of informal lecture, examples taken from real life cases and you will also be able to interact with me via instant messaging … you message me a question and I answer it verbally. Obviously you can benefit from other people’s questions as well so the more questions the better in my opinion. I will also give you some student notes, a script for use in your therapy and an example skeleton session plan.

Please take a look here for more detail and also to book your place on the course.

Hypnotherapy Training Webinar