Hypnosis For Exam Anxiety: Increase Your Focus, Concentration & Calm
Exam season is upon us again!

It seems to come around sooner and sooner each year!

I’ve already seen several teenagers this month who are taking their mocks, some who are doing re-sits and some who are taking entrance exams. Most of them have a lot in common … they are extremely anxious generally, they are worried they‘ll mess up on the day, and many are frightened of having a panic attack. Little wonder they can’t focus and concentrate on their revision and they can’t sleep well!

Hypnosis can certainly help with increasing focus, concentration, calm, comfort and peaceful sleep!

The ideal solution is to come for an individual session where I can address each individual’s particular concerns and fears.

So, first we have a chat where I find out more about their specific worries and how they affect them. For example, some people find that they go over and over all the negative ‘what ifs’ in their mind so that they can’t concentrate while trying to study. Because they don’t concentrate they neither store nor retain the information they are trying learn or revise. They then continue working later and later in the evening and consequently their mind is over-active and anxious and sleep becomes impossible until the early hours. Obviously they are then tired in the morning which affects their concentration during the day and so the cycle continues!

Others may be more aware of experiencing the anxiety in their bodies, (it’s called somatisation) such as feeling sick or having tummy aches, experiencing the very physical symptoms of panic attack … trembling, sweats, palpitations, weak legs, fainting.

Clarity of mind and comfortable body

Naturally they want to think clearly and calmly and feel comfortable and calm in their bodies and to be able to focus and concentrate both in revision and in the exams themselves. I can definitely help them do this through hypnosis here in the session and I also give them a tailor made audio, about 15 – 20 minutes long, to reinforce what we do here and to aid peaceful sleep. Ideally they should listen to the audio nightly as they go to bed as it is very relaxing and, even while they sleep, the brain will be reinforcing the positive suggestions for calm, confidence and comfort.

But not only this … as a former teacher, I also teach them simple and effective study skills and exam strategies

I am frequently surprised how often students don’t appear to have been taught (or at least not absorbed) these very simple and very effective strategies at school. I explain how they can increase their focus, improve effective learning, and facilitate storage of information when they revise. All of this, plus a calm mental attitude, will help them retrieve the information they want in the exams themselves. As a teacher one of my passions was passing on accelerated learning techniques to my students. As a hypnotherapist I give them suggestions for all of this when they are in the focused state of hypnosis where they are at their most receptive and creative.

If you can’t come in person, try my CDs / MP3s.

Hypnotherapy Downloads
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For 10 – 15 year olds have a look at Focus and Concentration and for age 15+ including adults. have a look at Revise and Remember (4 separate tracks with different strategies and of course suggestions for calm and confidence too) and Overcome exam nerves (single track with more calm and confidence plus essential successful exam strategies)

Go to the link above, choose the audio of interest, click on the track to read more information and listen to a sample track.

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